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  • If you cannot see the Topper you want on our site, this create your own option allows you to upload any picture or just tell us in the special instructions box below and we will design something for you.
  • If you require a draft of your topper please let us know by ticking the required box below. (NOTE: Please keep a check on your junk mail folder as the email can sometimes be filtered to here.) If you chose not to have a draft we are not responsible if for any reason you do not like the topper.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If we don't receive your personalization (text to be added to your image) we won't supply any proof the image, it be shipped out without an approval; EVEN that you have asked for it.
  • We will design and print create your own toppers as soon as possible, and can often have them out in the post the same day, where we have approval before 2pm. But these toppers do take longer to do than the pre-designed one on our site, so please allow 24 to 72 hours for the process of these toppers
** If uploading images with your order please use: png, jpg, gif, jpeg, bmp, pdf, psd, ai, svg, tif - Please do not upload Word documents, we will not be able to use them. thanks

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This is the newest trend in cake decorating that you don't want to miss. We use high-quality, food-grade ink to ensure that your Edible Image Decoration has true, vibrant colors. I used only highest quality icing sheet on the market.

We will print YOUR photo or image, 100% edible, 100% custom edible cake toppers! These edible toppers are whiter than competitor versions, and perfectly poured for pinpoint consistency. Each topper is custom printed with your edible photo, edible image, edible logo, or artwork, resulting in the perfect edible ink printed edible image for your cake! Apply the custom printed edible image toppers easily to your cake to make a truly custom cake that impresses your guests or customers. These edible cake toppers apply perfectly to the surface of your cake either by applying them with with a little water or by absorbing moisture from your cake such as if it is coated with moist coating such as chocolate, icing, fondant or frosting. This cake topper will adhere onto the surface and become part of the cake! Our edible toppers are gluten free, soy free and trans-fat free.


5" x 8" (1/4 sheet) rectangular
8" x 11" (1/4 sheet) rectangular
17" x 11" (1/2 sheet) rectangular

4" round
6" round
8" round
9" round
10" round
11" round

1.5" cupcakes (30 Pieces/sheet)
1.8" cupcakes (20 pieces/sheet)
2.5" x 10.5" Strips (3 pieces/sheet)
3.25" cupcakes (6 pieces/sheet)

2.5" x 10.5" Strips (3 pieces/sheet)

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can only upload ONE image per order. If you require multiple images, you would need to place separate orders for each image that you want printed, or call us to process your request offline.

Your picture will be printed with food color on an actual layer of icing.We use the best quality icing sheets and food colors on the market.

These icing sheets are easy to use. Just remove the edible cake topper off the backing and lay it on the top of your cake. We will send you detailed step-by-step instructions with your order. Cake sheets do not need to be refrigerated, however keep them away from humidity and light by storing them in a cool, dark space, sealed in a plastic bag. Sheets can last up to 12 months when properly stored.

These are custom food items and as such there may be some slight variance in final sizes and print colors, and should not be compared to non-edible items.

Keep your frosting sheet in its zip-lock bag on a flat surface until you are ready to use. They do not need refrigeration! Keep the image at room temperature, out of any direct light.

Please note: these edible pictures are printed on an actual layer of icing with food colors. For that reason the picture may not perfectly look like the picture you see on your screen. It will still be a high quality picture you can enjoy.

Copyright Disclaimer:The characters or personalities utilized in the designs ARE NOT being sold. They are free and are only being used to personalize your party item. I do not claim ownership of these licensed characters. They are for personal use only for a one time party. They only last a couple hours after put on a cake and are not meant for memorabilia. All rights and ownership remain with the respective owners.

Due to the nature of this item refunds can not be made. Thanks for understanding.

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Customer Questions
I need 2.5 or 3 inch round images of the highschool plays logo. How many images come in one sheet?

limit is 12 per sheet..

The person is allergic to eggs nuts and all dairy. Safe for him? It's his Golden birthday. If I send a picture of him can it be printed on gold sugar sheet?

Our icing sheets are free of any known allergens.

I need 2.5 or 3 inch round images of the highschool plays logo. How many images come in one sheet?

limit is 12 per sheet

I need the 8.5x14 sheet but see it in the drop down. I do I order that size? Thanks

Go back to category and order particular size as individual unit ( product )

How long does it take to print image and me receive it?

Same day turnaround with expedited processing before 2pm EST and next day without. There are many delivery options at checkout including overnight, 2-day guaranteed, etc.

Is it possible to print a 9 inch round image?

it's possible .. design your circle , upload design to 11x17 inch sheet , make note for exact size.. you'll have to cut it out manually ..

How long does it take to get the image?
How do I upload a photo/picture? I can add the image but there is no button for upload?

image will be uploaded when you click add to cart button

How long can the custom edible print sheets be stored? Do they require refrigeration?

no refrigeration ..

Just want to clarify how this works. Do you ship the edible print alone so that I will be able to put it on my own cake?


will this image fit on 1/2 sheet cake?

choose 11x17 size for 1/2 sheet cake

Are your sheets and Ink nut free?

Yes , our inks and sheets are free of any known allergens

Can you print straight text? I would like two pages from a book for an open book cake.

Yes; you can set-up a PDF or Word document with your text and upload as an image.

How do I upload picture

click on upload file button

Do you have 6" round or 10" round options?

Yes, we do.

I would like to have two 8.5 x 11 sheets printed and each would have multiple images that I am hoping to cut out. Is this possible? Is the material easy to trim?

Yes this is a popular method of ordering. We recommend creating a PDF with all your images sized to our print size of 8.1x10.4". The sheet is very easy to cut with most cutting tools.

Do these work well placed on top of buttercream icing or do you need to put something under the print?

Yes they work well with most buttercream icing formulas. You may have trouble with the icing sheet sticking if the buttercream is oily however. If this is the case, simply apply a small layer of corn syrup underneath the print and that will solve the issue.

Can you print a 1 1/2 inch cup cake topper logo on a thick bright white frosting sheet? If so are the circles cut out so I would just need to stick on cupcake and can I order 4 weeks ahead of event or is that not a good idea?

Yes, yes, yes and yes...

How long for turnaround on these?

up to 48 hours unless expedited processing is marked. In that case topper will dispatch usually in next few hours if order is placed before 2pm ET Mon-Fri

we are looking to get 4 logos for NYC sports teams printed to go on a retirement that something you can do and how fast can we get it and of course how much ..thanks so much .

Yes , we can do it .. shipping options are displayed at the checkout page

Hi I wanted my edible image printed in a 7inch by 7inch square. Is that possible? If yes please let me know how Id be able to do that! Thank you

Yes it is , just add instructions in comment field

Can you print the image on a sheet multiple times to be used on cookies? We have an image that we need about 3 dozen of in around 2.5" x 2.5"
I want the 2-1/2 x 3 rectangle image. The picture I uploaded shows a black header and footer. I don't know how to remove it. All I want is the square logo in the center. It is white with the shield saying Highland YSC and the ball. Can you remove the header and footer?????

Your image is probably PNG with transparent background. Most browsers display transparent as a black therefore your logo will be printed normally without background

I'm looking to order a print for a marriage proposal cake and will need the sheet sent to a baker by a specific date before Memorial Day. Can I specify a delivery date? Otherwise the print will get there very early and will just sit for awhile and I'd like to minimize risk of damage or wear to the item.

You can just order two weeks before wedding ...

Is their a vegan option available for printing a edible cake topping picture?

both icing sheet and ink are vegan..

Do you make an edible decoration from a digital print such as a college logo?

yes we do ..

Would you be able to print an image of a show?

We can print any image uploaded per our terms and conditions

Hi I need three 4x6 photos made into edible images for a cake. Can you print them in a 4x6 size?
If I want to have a picture made into an edible image for a chocolate frosted cake can you do that?

we print images , you make a cake...

I am making cupcakes and have an image with 20 book covers on it. Can these be cut and placed on

Yes they can , easily.

What is the shelf life of the edible sheets?

24 months for blank sheets and 9 months for printed

Hi Ive gotten a couple custom edible prints done and Im just wondering if I could order a print in a square shape but smaller than the 8.5x11 inch. I didnt see any choices of sizes between that one and the smaller 2.5x3 which is too small for my project. Can my image be printed to a custom size? Thank you

We can print any size you want, just type in comments field exact size you want. You can trim it with exacto knife, scissors , etc...

Hi if I place an order today is there any possibility of getting this shipped for me to receive it tomorrow?

Yes it is if you choose next day shipping at the checkout

How many come on a sheet of the small round ones?

if you talk about 1.25" than it's 48 circles per sheet

I decided to do this last minute. an chance you could get it to me by Thursday? 1/10

You can get it tomorrow if you choose next day shipping..

We have a birthday party for an 80 year old on March 16. When would you recommend that we purchase the overlay for the cake. How long does it stay good to eat or fresh.

you should order at least two weeks before event

you should order at least two weeks before event

Inks are Kosher , they also contain red dye. Let us know which red your child is allergic?

Hi there - do you ship to Ontario Canada?

yes we do, daily

How long will it take to get to Fort Worth Texas if I order tonight?

1 day if you choose overnight shipping

How quickly could you deliver an edible cake topper. I need it in CA on Tuesday..

Choose next day option at checkout and you'll get it on Tuesday

Is the icing a pure white or will it match my buttercream?

Icing sheet is not bright white. You need to prepare buttercream to match icing sheet, not opposite..

what icing sheets do you use?

Best in the world , Supreme Icing Sheets

also what file format do I upload?

Any file but Microsoft Office documents

Hello I am printing for my brother's cake. I need images 2 inches tall and one about 5-7 inches tall. I'm wondering if it's best to get each image separately or if it's possible to arrange on an 8.5x11 inch sheet and cut them out myself?

It would be much cheaper if you arrange images to fit on one sheet. printable size is 8x10 max. Sheets are easy to cut.

How long does it take to receive an order once you place it? And how many 2" circles per sheet? Thank you

it's 12 circles per sheet ... you can get it next day if wanted..

Grandson is allergic to wheat oats flax and fish. Does the ink of printed sheet contain any of these?

Our edible inks and icing sheets does not contain any known allergens

I have a picture of my mother n law it is about the size of 5x7 approx. I want to have it made to put on a cookie. Is this picture to big to make into a sheet or two.

we can shrink this image to 2x3 if you place order for pre-cut cookie sheet ...just mention it in special comments field

Hello. My work is planning a resident event that will be Harry Potter themed. We have this idea to make a cake tower of all the books with the book covers printed with edible icing sheets. Are you able to do this for us if we send you the images? Obviously J.K. Rowling gets all the credit but we just want to make a showstopper cake for all of us muggles to enjoy!

We will print all images you upload ... but you have to make a cake ...

I am making an I love Lucy cake. if I provide the picture and logo will you be able to print them?

Yes we can

Do the images melt into the cake after a certain amount of time? (ex. if the cake is made in the morning will the image last into the evening>)

Yes they do. Please refer to instruction tab to download tips for applying it.

How long does this item keep? How long before I need should I order?

Unopened print is good for 9 months

My husband works for Fed Ex and he wants to have their badge printed for a cake we are making. Could you do that and could we get before the 15th?

My husband works for Fed Ex and he wants to have their badge printed for a cake we are making. Could you do that and could we get before the 15th?

How long does it take to get the item after you receive my uploaded picture?

If you choose overnight shipping at the checkout you'll get it next day

How long do the edible photo sheets last o ce printed? How quickly do I have to place on a cake once I receive it? I am trying to determine when to order it so I have it in time for my event but dont want it to go bad

Printed sheets are good for 9 months

Do you have a file size limit? I am trying to upload a file and getting a message about connection.

There is 10MB upload limit.

I want to reference a funny image on brownies. I don't really know exactly how big I want the image to be. Would that work for this?

No , it wont ...

How many labels to I get for that price?

It depend on size ... price is per sheet

If I give you the image by Wednesday May I get the delivery of the image by Saturday?

Yes if you choose 2 Day shipping option ... you would actually get it on Friday

How long does it take to ship? Is there rush shipping?

you can get it tomorrow if you wish ..

Should images to be printed be sent in RGB or CMYK?

RGB is recommended

what size will the picture actuallly be?

any size you want , just place comment in special instructions field. Make sure size fit on print page ..

Can I have an image printed 4 inches x 4 inches ??

Yes , any size you want ... just type instructions in comments field otherwise will be printed full sheet ..

what size it the sheet? and does it print to the edge?

We offer every available sheet size on market however we don't recommend borderless printing ...

I received my print. It looks great! Should I refrigerate to store until I use it?

Do not refrigerate !! Just keep it in drawer on room temps . Print is good for 9 months...

Are these vegan?

Yes they are , and gluten free

How long will printed edible paper last? I'm going to need it for a cake I'm making in late may

9 months unopened with no refrigeration

How long will these edible prints hold in the refrigerator ? I have an occasion on January 6 2018 and was wondering on when I should order.

They don't need refrigeration , just keep them on room temps inside drawer's 9 months shelf life

Hi I was wondering if it is possible to do a couple of photos on 1 sheet. What is the max I can do? Thanks

Max of 1 image uploads are allowed per sheet. However you can design on your own collage with many images on it and upload it as one image

Can the sizes be changed for example a 4 inch high pic about 6-7 inches wide ?

Yes it can , just insert your wanted sizes in special instructions box

If I buy this print now will it still be edible in a week from now as long as I keep it in the fridge?

refrigeration is not needed , shelf life is 9 months

Do you have an ingredient list for the edible material it's printed on?

Of course we do , all our products are made with FDA approved ingredients.Use contact us form to request full list.

How thick are your sheet Some sheets are so thin you cann't get the off without tearing ?

We print on best icing sheets in the world , Supreme Icing Sheets . Easy to peel off without tearing or breaking ...

Do you do 5x7?

You can just place comment in instructions to print 5x7 size

If I order today how quickly can I get my print in the mail? I live in NJ

You can choose shipping options at the checkout page

The cake will be 8" round. Is the 8" round the correct size to order?


How many circles are on the 2.5" sheet?
Can I order an 8x8 print?

Yes , you can order any size you want ... just specify exact dimensions in comment box

I am wanting to use edible fondant playing cards on a casino grooms cake. Most are not what I would want. They are either much smaller than normal cards or not different suits and cards. If I took a picture of the cards together as the ones I want and then pick the size sheet I want them printed on could you print that?

we can printing any picture you upload ..

can I get something printed a custom size (4" wide X 5" tall) ?

yes you can ... just specify size in order comments..

What size do i need to order for a 1/4 sheet cake . Also if I need a message like Happy 2nd Birthday XXXX to be printed on the image how do i specify the area and the font ?

standard size letter 8.5x11 is enough ...

How long does it usually take to get the image? How much is shipping?

Depend what type of shipping you choose at checkout page ..

Are the edible prints ok to use on an ice cream cake?

Yes , they can be safely used on ice cream cakes

what is the cost of expedited shipping?

Expedited Shipping and different shipping methods with calculated cost will be displayed at checkout page when shipping address is inserted or you are logged in your account

What is the estimated delivery time/charges to zip 78832 on an 11 x 17 edible print?

Standard delivery is from 4-6 days , however you have option to expedite order or choose overnight delivery

do you use sugar sheets for the prints? I need to order some prints

Yes , we use sugar sheets only for prints

When is the right time to order the edible picture? My daughter's party is the first Saturday in April so when should i order?

You can order right now . Unopened printed sheet have 9 months shelf life non refrigerated ..

During this pandemic, my sisters been working 100 hours at a hospital. I want to send her a treat. She lives the Cuomo brothers. (Chris Cuomo and Andrew) If I send a picture of each, can you do six cupcake toppers of each?

Hi, Yes we can do that. you can create 1 image with the 6 images then upload it. we will print the 6 images

How do I know if the quality of my photo is good enough to get a clear print?

As long as it weighs less than 200KB.

can you use more than 1 picture when you create your own

No, you are only allowed one image per sheet.

Who provides kosher certification for the products (ink and fondant)

The Manufacturer

if i order tomorrow can I get it by Sunday 11/1/20

It will depends on the shipping selected at checkout.

hi i am wrapping an 8 in round cake can you tell the correct size to order

Hello, We recommend orderning one or two 1/2 sheets of the design to cover over the entire cake.  Thank you

Good day I have to cover an eight inch cake with dior decal. Please let me know what to purchase . Thanks

the 1/2 size will be the best choice

Can you do a collage cake topper?
I am in need of an edible image of the cocomelon face for a cupcake cake. I can send a picture of what I am looking for so you can see. Please let me know. Thank you!
If I want a image to be printed lengthwise instead horizontally can the text message be put under the image in the correct position?
Do you sell 2 inch round San Antonio Spurs edible transfers?
I'm doing chocolates covered Oreo what it will the correct size to order

2 inches

what is the turn around time for a personalized topper

24 hours

How long before I can expect it to get here?

It will depends on the shipping selected at checkout.

Is it possible to get a 7in wide by 4 in tall custom image?
Did you find what you were looking for?

Tips on Storing, Handling and Applying your Edible Images

Images are printed on an actual layer of icing with edible inks. The icing is held together by a plastic backing sheet that you will remove before applying the image to your frosted treats. The frosting image only has 1 plastic backing sheet, once this backing sheet is removed, it is ready to be applied.

STORAGE:  Keep your frosting sheet sealed in the ziplock bag that it comes in until you are ready to use it. Store flat on a shelf, at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Shelf life of frosting sheets is about 24 months if stored properly.

Do NOT put the image in the fridge or freezer as it may cause the image to bubble up and dry out which will cause the image to crack.

CUTTING IMAGE SHEETS:  If you ordered image sheets that are not cut or you need to trim an image you can easily cut them with a clean pair of scissors before you remove the plastic backing sheet.

WHEN TO APPLY:  If you are using butter cream or any other harder frosting, the image can be placed on at your convenience, but not more than 48 hours prior to the event. Depending on how wet your frosting is, the  image will begin to fade with too much moisture. If you are concerned about fading, place the image on the cake within an hour of the event.

HOW TO APPLY:  Do NOT let water come in contact with the edible image before or after on the cake. The sheet will melt and ruin the print. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the image. Your frosting should be fresh. If your frosting becomes dry, spray a fine mist of water over the frosting NOT the image, before applying the image to your frosted treat. If your treats surface is moist, do NOT add any extra moisture. Using too much water may cause colors to run and melt your image.

Edible images can’t be moved once applied. Plan where you want the image to be placed. Remove your image from the plastic backing sheet by gently placing it on a table edge or counter top with the image facing up and roll the backing sheet firmly over the edge of the table to loosen your image. Never pull on the image itself as it can tear.

Lay the edible image sheet on your frosted treat by holding ends and gently applying from the middle first to the ends. Gently smooth out the edible image making sure the edges are touching frosting.  If the image bubbles after application GENTLY TAP (do NOT rub) the image. It will take 20-30 minutes for the image to melt into  the frosting (could take longer) depending on frosting, so allow time and be patient. If you touch it, you may leave a fingerprint just like frosting does. Add a piped border or edge decorations of your choice to finish.

You can store the finished treat in the refrigerator to keep image moist and free of cracks until serving. Avoid extensive exposure to ultraviolet lighting. As with any food coloring, the image may fade over time.


You can apply to any colored frosting but keep in mind that dark colors (chocolate, etc) may show through the image. In this case I would suggest putting the image on a thin piece of fondant then onto your frosted treat.

Butter-Cream Frosting - Apply image right after icing the cake. Butter-cream icings will form a thin crust after 15-30 minutes. If butter-cream has formed a crust, spray with a fine mist of sugar water or brush corn syrup on buttercream icing before applying the image.  

Whipped Toppings – Do NOT add extra moisture. Because of the high water content in whipped cream, you should apply the edible image as close to serving time as possible. Any type of frosting that has very high  moisture content will tend to cause bleeding. A thin coating of butter-cream can be added where the image is to   be placed to avoid bleeding/fading.

Ice Cream Cake - If applying the image to an ice cream cake iced with non-dairy whipped topping, Do NOT add any additional water. If you are applying the image directly to ice cream, it is best to allow the ice cream to "sweat" a little bit before applying the image, or mist the ice cream with milk before applying the image. If you  are working with soft-serve ice cream you will achieve better results by applying image while the ice cream is soft, then freeze. If the image bubbles after application or during freezing, GENTLY TAP (do NOT rub) the image. If the decorated cake is frozen thaw slowly, preferably in a refrigerator. As with any food coloring, the image may fade over time.

Sugar Paste or Fondant – Use a small brush to apply water only where image will be placed. Water outside image area may leave a mark on your fondant (though tend to dry back to normal color).

Royal Icing – Its best to apply your image immediately after icing your product, since it has not hardened completely. If not, add a generous mist of water over royal icing before applying the image.

Poured Chocolate or Ganache - Pour icing over product then apply image while icing is wet. Let image set before moving.

Regular/Store Bought Frosting – If using store bought frosting or using frosting that has been stored in the fridge, take it out and blend in a bowl until it is soft and creamy. You may have to mist the top of layered frosting with sugar water to get it more moist for your icing sheet.

Frozen Cakes – Thaw slightly before icing to avoid cracking, then apply the image. If decorated cake is frozen thaw slowly , preferably in a refrigerator, uncovered to avoid running of colors and sweating.

Cookies – There are several ways to adorn decals to cookies. Regular icing, frosting, royal icing, or corn syrup thinned with a little water will adhere the image to most cookies.

Oreo Cookies – Apply corn syrup thinned with a bit of water to the chocolate cookie and place the edible image on top.

Hard candy lollipops – Lightly coat the lollipop with corn syrup thinned with a little water, apply the image on top.

Chocolate – Corn syrup, thinned with a little water, applied to the bar works well or heat the chocolate with a hair dryer for about 20 seconds. Apply the edible image on top.


Removal of sheets that seem to stick to backing sheet: Pull backing sheet over the sharp edge of a tabletop a  couple of times. This technique will help to pop the image off the backing sheet.

If this doesn’t work, the humidity is too high. Exposure to high humidity may cause the frosting sheet to absorb moisture and stick to the baking, making them difficult to peel.

If you experience this do not try to peel the icing sheet away. It’s likely to cause tearing.

Try the Following:

Lay the sheet on a pan and place it in a warm dry oven at about 85F, for about 8-10 minutes after which the image will usually peel easily from the backing sheet. (This method really works best) or use a hair dryer on the front and reverse sides of the backing sheet. Dry it on high in circular motion for about 60 seconds each side. Do not dry it up close. Repeat if necessary until the sheet stiffens slightly. Then it’ll be easy to remove the backing.

Place the frosting sheet into a DRY freezer for about 30 seconds. In high humidity you may need to leave it in for longer, about 1-1.5 minutes. It should be removed immediately after taking it out from the freezer.

Shipping Details

We ship from Miami, Florida 33122 Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Orders placed and received in our system before 3:00 p.m. EST usually will be shipped out the same day. Typically, orders placed after 3:00 p.m. EST will be shipped following business day. Orders placed on non business hours (Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and M~F after 3:00 p.m. EST) will be processed the following business day (Example: Orders placed Friday after 3 p.m. EST will be shipped following Monday). Shipping time usually takes 4-7 working days to arrive to the Pacific Coast and 1-5 working days on the East Coast. Transit times are not guaranteed and shipping costs are not refundable.

Images are posted in a grip seal bag and then placed into a hardback (Do not Bend) A4 envelope, extra care is taken not to damage items. This should fit through a normal letterbox.

USPS First Class generally arrives 4-7 Business days. We cannot guarantee your date of delivery unless you choose the option of Next Day or 2nd Day Shipping at check out (pls see below). We cannot be held responsible for extreme weather delays, postal strikes or other issues related to An Post.

When Sould i Order?

The ideal time would be 1-2 weeks before your event. The cake tops do last up to 12 months but we find the colour is at its strongest if left to a month or less before time required.

We will always try our hardest to facilitate late orders, we know how busy life is and some things can get forgotten. However please read our delivery details to decide what shipping option is best for you to ensure your cake top gets to you in time, as we cannot be held responsible for postage unless you chose our Next Day or 2nd Day Shipping option at checkout.


We are confident you will be happy with your products. Unfortuantly due to food hygiene regulations we cannot accept returns.

We also cannot offer refunds on change of minds, orders not received in time due to postal system, weather disruptions or misspellings on order placed.

If we have made an error we will of course send out a new cake top as soon as possible.

WE WON’T MAKE YOU WAIT:Most orders will be shipped same business day from our Facility in Miami, Florida via USPS First-class, USPS Priority Mail.

No refunds will be given for any delays caused by the carrier.

We are not responsible for toppers that are not posted out due to a draft of the topper not being approved.

We are not responsible for proper placing of text, any addition text will be placed based on our preference unless the customer indicates us a preferred location (via email or phone call).

"For the first 60 minutes after the order is placed, We can cancel your order; however, if the order has entered the processing the order can't be canceled."

With Standard Shipping you can expect to recieved your order in 3 to 7 business days, Expideted Shipping (Priority-Mail) Between 2 to 4 business days.

For Standard and Expedited Shipping Services, we do not guarantee the delivery time.While most packages will arrive on time, there may be circumstances and delays that our carriers may experience. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the United States Postal Service and UPS regarding delivery delays. On the other hand, Next Day and Second Day deliveries are guaranteed, therefore, if you experience any issues please contact us immediately so we can find the proper solution.



“I NEED IT TOMORROW”:If you need the order in a shorter amount of time, you may upgrade the shipping to Express service. We offer:

  • UPS Next Day

  • UPS 2nd Day

All the shipping costs are based on the real-time UPS shipping rate system. You will get the actual shipping cost during checkout.

We only ship within United States on express orders. Please note that UPS Express does not deliver on Saturday.

We recommend buyers to purchase days in advance, If selecting standard and expedite shipping. We do not take any responsibility for any delivery delays due to USPS.

UPS Next Day and UPS 2nd Day Shipping are 100% Guaranteed.


Color Disclaimer:  Edible inks are used to print the images so colors will not look exactly as what you see on your monitor. Colors might vary but will look superior! The colors will also brighten up once they absorb into the frosting/icing. Due to the nature of edible inks and icing sheets exact color matches can not and will not be guaranteed. Same apply for lighting conditions since every monitor will render images differently.

Disclaimer:  The characters or personalities utilized in the designs are NOT being sold. They are free and are only being used to personalize your party item. we do not claim ownership of these licensed characters. They are for personal use only for a one-time party. They only last a couple hours after putting on a cake and are not meant for memorabilia. All rights and ownership remain with the respective owners.

  • A digital file is a file that is emailed to you and then you can print it out yourself or take it to a bakery or printing agency to have it printed.
  • No physical item will be shipped to you when you order the "digital file".
  • Digital files will be emailed to the email address on your order form within 1-2 business days (often sooner).
  • Digital files are NOT edible unless you have them printed on frosting sheets, surgar paper, choco paper or any other certified edible paper with a cake printer and edible ink.
  • If printing with a bakery please check with them first about their printing policies before ordering to make sure you will be able to print it there as some of them have certain policies on what they are allowed to print. Refunds are not given on digital files for any reason due to the nature of the item.
  • I do NOT claim ownership of any licensed graphics, they are for inspiration only. It is very important to note that copyright restrictions on licensed images only permit graphics to be used for one time personal use such as birthday parties. Not all bakeries are aware of this policy and if you have issues with a bakery refusing to print for you, please try another bakery or print at home yourself. There will be NO copyright release from us, so please make sure the bakery you'll be using doesn't need any of this. We are not liable for any printing issues between you and the Bakery or printing agency. NO refund will be given if your print bakery refuses to print your purchased digital file.

As an Edible products supplier we know and understand how important your health is when buying a product marked as edible on the internet. That is why we ask you to take this into account before buying an edible product, many sellers on amazon, ebay, etsy and websites all over the internet claim to sell totally edible products, when this is not totally true. To consider a completely edible print, it must be printed on icing sheet, sugar paper, rice paper, potato paper or chocolate paper. The printer must be 100% sterilized and never (very important) never used with standard ink this is where most of them lie. Standard ink., regular ink like canon, epson, brother inks, ect., are not edible and they cannot be used for human consumption. Standard (Regular) inks cannot be consumed. They are not safe to digest and immediate medical advice should be sought if this happens. Standard (regular) ink is very cheap in quantity compared to FDA certified edible ink, and it costs 10-15 times more than the standard (regular) ink.

On the other hand, the paper used must be accredited by the FDA and be sealed to avoid any type of contamination. Keep in mind that this is what will be offered for consumption for your family and guests.

Be very careful whenever you’re looking for an edible product and check for company profiles and company history. Since this is very important, most of the time we can realize this immediately by looking at the price of a product. when it is very cheap it is because there is something wrong. Another way is to see the certifications of this, as well as the dates of these certifications, to make sure they are real and are not expired. You can ask any seller for the certification if they refuse to provide most likely they are fake or they don't have any.